Monday, September 10, 2007


alright so school has still been blah. Kinda stressfull, but fun at the same time. The two partys I talked about went well. Got really drunk at jusitnes, but it was a blast to see some people I hadn't in a while. Glad and not hungover, I went out again the next night with karly to Alex Wink's and it was alright although kind of akward for me. Since the only people that were there that I talked to were like Courtney and Karly.
I then got a ride to vist my group of friends, after another party got broken up and they got pizza. I quite enjoyed the crusts I was given hahahahaha. I've been really commiting to indepdent studys, Ive been reading so much on make up and also fashion. Although im not taking it for fashion.. its still interesting to read about you knoww. So yeahh You should get the new vogue, fucking 840 pages. Woo. hello back problems bringing that back and forth from school.
Other then that i went to my first audtion and it was fun, long but i like commitment. I will also be doing a photoshoot with a local person, who is apprently really good. So expect some pictures from that. VERY soon :D

5 songs to download:

close call by rilo keily
djs got a gun by robots in disguise
die, die my darling by the misfits
wave of muitlation by the pixies
summer skin by death cab for cutie


Friday, September 07, 2007

alright so sorry i hadnt wrote for a while. but yuh im back in school now. Boring, But alright. Bio is reallllyyy hard, and media arts is pretty fun, and indepedent studys is deff fun. Although marketing gets real boring, sorry mr tait! haha. I'm starting rehersals for my new play this sunday, and i just got the list thanks to chelsea cuz i guess i wrote down the wrong email and didnt get anything. But yeah im gonna go get ready for the weekend which is like party party, but ill update you on that. And OH i also need to prepare for like a bio and photo shoot :| im nervous hahahha


Saturday, September 01, 2007

While stareing at my own puke in a piss stained toilet bowl, I begin to see a symbol of my life. I'm scattered like the many clothes and accesories that lay across my bedroom floor. The clothes are all i have to show for my 17 years of life. That and maybe this blog, but no one who has a blog is normal, so i know im diffrent. Normals boring and uninteresting, and you cant be uninteretsing and have a blog that people actually read.
My habbits are annoying and make me sick, i chew pens, and would be honered to be a bitch to you. I sleep in the biggest room in my house, but I always wake up alone. Big room, for a small body.

you were all i had, so fuck you.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Life is a very hard thing to understand, but i feel like i'm understanding it a little more. My parents are pretty much forcing me to make decisions, and I've decided they can fuck off. Im going to do the best for myself, but its going to be what i think is best. Not them. Sure i'm gonna get good in school, but im not gonna stop partying. Im not gonna stop wanting to act, or wanting to do makeup. Im not gonna stop wanting to make myself happy. They want to take away the internet, which is like my connection out of this shit whole town. It gets me my music, which makes me bearablel. They are taking away most of the fucking tv channels. Seriously they have done alot to me that i will never forgive them before. Its just like someone all of a sudden forced me to be indepdent. It sucks, but i guess im taking what im delt. Im never asking them for anything EVER again. Its my life, so screw you.


top 5 songs to download:
1. Relax, Take It Easy - By Mika
2. Bounce - By Timbaland
3. Left & Leaving - By The Weakerthans
4. 1999 - By Prince
5. Atomic - By Blondie


Saturday, August 25, 2007

I feel like i need a change, in my apprenece. Since i've changed on the inside over the last little while. Im dying my hair, hahaha i know its not that impressive but i think it will make me feel better. Cuz along with me new music, and sort of new attitude I think it will be a good change.
ANOTHER thing that has changed is how much im commited to this blog, haha notice there hasnt been some big gap of time where i didnt write in SUCH a long time :D
hahaha yee yeee! commiment woot!

top 5 songs to download:
1. Your legs grow - nada surf
2. Get over it - ok go
3. So So Cold - Hot Hot heat
4. Hold on Tightly, Let Go Lightly - Boys Night Out
5. Coffee Shop Soundtrack - All time low


Friday, August 24, 2007

hi so i just really need to vent about someone that i never vent about, my mom. She has been really rude and weird lately. Like last night she locked me out, and brought in the spare key so i couldnt get in.
I slept at jackies, and had a big talk. It was nice, but i just cant belive shed do that. She was being really rude to me when i was going out. Like i dont get what her problem is. She makes me feel like some out of control kid, when i know im a good kid. I know it.
She also just parked the jeep threw the keys in the door, then left. Why isnt she at work ? and why isnt she here if her stuff is. why didnt she say hi to me or my dad or my brother. Why isnt she answering her phone when he calls her. She used to take these "walks". Or whereever she goes during them. But i just never thought she would again, although im not going to feel guilty. I feel bad, but its not my fault. Im a good kid, i guess..


top 5 songs to download:

go on - taking back sunday
monster hospital (mstrkfrt remix) - metric
speak slow - tegan and sara
fearless - cyndi lauper
explosions - the mary onettes

Ugh im in desperate need of venting. about who i'm usually never mad at but, its my mom. I went out last night, had a fun time, then when i come home she had locked the door and brought in the spare key so i couldnt get in.
I slept at jackies, which im glad i had a place too. Then when i get home today (her being at work) I found the fallout boy cd she had borrowed had been thrown into my room. She changed the passwords on the "good" computer. Today around 1 my dad said he just noticed the jeep was in the driveway (meaning my mom parked it there) but shes not in the house, and someone tossed the jeeps keys in the front door. My dad also tryed calling her but she didnt answer. Things are fucked, but i did nothing wrong so im not gonna feel guilty. I mean i feel bad, but im not going to feel guilty.
She treats me like im "out of control" and the more she makes me feel that way, the more i act like it, when deep down I know i'm not. Im a good kid.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

"monsters under the bed"

Its wierd how much we've gotten to know certain people over the past few year. Its wierd how diffrent I am now then I was at the begining of grade 11, then I am now that I'm soon to be starting Make up. In this time, ive made new friends, lost some friends. Started wearing make up, changed styles, haircuts, phones and music. It makes you wonder what we are all going to be like at the end of grade 12.
Are we still going to be friends when we walk up, will we keep in touch after. Will some of us get held back because what was needed for graduation wasnt recived? I guess its cool not knowing though.
Today im bored, and yesterday I was bored too. I went tanning yesterday, that was about it. Today chancey might come over to watch some desperate housewives, the first season still but that ones a classic. Yeah im rambling.. w.e. My mom was sick yesterday but i dono i have the oddest feeling that it was a hangover, and that she lied about working late. But i dono i guess she could of actually worked late, and im just being paranoid. w.e.

Songs to download:
"john the relevator" - by depeche mode
"lost and found" - by taking back sunday
"demolition lovers" - by my chemical romance
"eleven" - by taking back sunday
"thinking of you" - by hanson


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